Dajica Cabinet Construction

Quality Cabinetry
A   Metabox (Epoxy Coated Steel Drawer Sides)
B   100% Melamine Interior 5/8″
C   Hinges
D   5/8″ Clip-on Melamine Toekick
E   1-1/8″ Support Rails (Excluding Drawer Banks)
F   1/8″ Backing on all Cabinets
G  10-9/16″ Deep Adjustable Cabinet Shelves 5/8″ with locking clips
H  Dowel and Glue Cabinet Construction
I   Base Cabinets on Adjustable Legs *Min: 3-5/8″ Max: 5-1/8″
J  Maple horizontal edge to match with interior of cab
K Top Drawer Front is 6-3/16” Height

Cabinet Construction
  • Impression Series

        • Maple Interior

        • Colour Matched Exterior

        • Soft Close Metabox Drawers

        • Soft Close Hinges


  • Select Series

    • White Interior

    • Colour Matched Exterior

    • Standard Non-Soft Close Metabox drawers

    • Standard Non-Soft Close Hinges